Evolution of Hitman game Franchise

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Evolution Of Hitman Franchise

Hitman is one of the well-known video game series of the 21st century. The History of Hitman is pretty intersting. Hitman is a stealth-type video game series developed by IO-Interactive which is the company of Denmark. Evolution of Hitman game franchise begin, when first game of the series was released in 2000 and the latest game of the series was released in 2018. Hitman series is available on several video game consoles including,

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360

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Hitman Game Series

The whole series revolves around a contract killer named as Agent 47. Clones are almost never used for non-nefarious reasons in the world of video games. But Agent 47 is not much different from the clone. In Hitman(Agent 47) franchise explore assassin’s origination. The main series of the Hitman consists of the following games.

Name Meritocratic scoreYear of release
Hitman: Code-name 47PC 2000
Hitman 2: Silent AssassinPC, PS-2, Xbox2002
Hitman: ContractsPC, PS-2, Xbox2004
Hitman: Blood MoneyPC, PS-2, Xbox, Xbox 3602006
Hitman: AbsolutionPC, PS-3, Xbox 3602012
HitmanPC, PS-4, Xbox one2016
Hitman 2PC, PS-4, Xbox one2018

The first game revolved around Agent 47 escape from a mental hospital. Here Agent 47 used as a lab rat for DNA experiments. After escaping from the hospital he joins an Agency. Diana Burnwood trained him and assigns him a mission to kill four dominant criminals. In the second part, Agent 47 leaves the agency and retreats a church to stay away from the violence. But the kidnap of his mentor, Father Vittorio brings him back to the evil path. After that Agent 47 understands that his past never lets him escape the Hitman character so he rejoins the Agency. In later games of the series, he worked as a contract killer for Diana Burnwood.

Hitman Franchise Complete Series


Franchise has been spin-off, with players outside of the console-playing. The audience also taking interest in the hitman spin-off series. There are multiple spin-offs in different mediums. Fist spin-off is a puzzle game for mobile devices developed by Square Enix Montreal. The second spin-off which is similar to the main series is Hitman: Snipe that focuses on the first-person shooting game also developed by  Square Enix Montreal.

Name of game Meritocratic scoreYear of release
Hitman GoIOS, PC, PS4, Vita2014
Hitman: SniperIOS, Android 2015

Characters of Hitman

  • Agent 47: A genetically modified assassin originate from the mixture of five DNAs of the world’s most wanted criminals. He is the main character of the Hitman series.
  • Diana Burnwood: He is the head of the CIA agents. He train Agent 47 and briefs him about his tasks. Agent 47 neve see Diana Burnwood in the whole series. He takes orders on the radio from Diana.
  • Agent Carlton Smith: He is the agent of the American CIA in the series. he spies the peoples and give information to the agency.
  • Mei-Ling: She is a Chinese woman capture by lord Lee Hong. Agent 47 assist her trade-off information about the murder of his employ. she is the first woman to kiss Agent 47 in the game.
  • Dr. Otto Wolfgang Oort-Meyer: He is the creator of Agent 47. He is the scientise worked on DNA splicing and to create a perfect human being

Hitman Franchise is also well known for its novel, and movie series. This was the next step in the Evolution of Hitman game franchise. Their are only two movies in Hitman movie series.

Their are only two novels in Hitman novel series and a comic prequel.

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