PUBG stands for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is one of the best and popular online battlefield games in the world. In this game maximum of 100 players play at a time. Lets checkout some PUBG Pro Players of Asia server in Mobile. 100 M+ players play PUBG and this figure is increasing day by day. The winner of the game is awarded chicken dinner. No doubt pubg is one of the most played multiplayer games.


Winner winner Chicken Dinner is basically a phrase. This phrase is used to declare the victory in PUBG. The winner of the round in PUBG sees this Phrase. The player feels proud after winning the chicken dinner.


All of these players like to play in squad. So we will also discuss the squad statistics of the players in season 12.

  1. RRQ | D2E
  2. Serioton
  3. HYPER-Coffin
  4. Soul Mortal
  5. Biubiubiiiiuuu
PUBG Most Played-Game
PUBG Most Played Game

1. RRQ | D2E

The original name of RRQ | D2E is Bawonchai Han aka. He is only 23 years old. He is from Bangkok the capital of Thailand. Basically, RRQ is a top team of PUBG Mobile. Bawonchai represents RRQ in PMSC, Crew-Challenge, Indonesia tournament center and, many other official tournaments of the PUBG Mobile. RRQ team is the winner of the PMSC 2018 Global Finals tournament. He is the leader of the Athena clan. He performs best in season 4 till. The best kills are 41 in season 3 in Mira-mar map. We ranked him as #1 PUBG Pro Players.

Matches Played422
Top 10265
total kills2404
K/D ratio7.35
Most Kills20
Season rating6373

2. Serioton

The original name of Serioton is Bawonchai Kang Ha-woon. He is only 21 years old. He is from South Korea. He is not a member of any PUBG mobile team because he loves to play solo. He is famous for his sniping and pro gaming skills. He is also has a Youtube channel. His channel name is Athena gaming. He performs best in season3 till. Best kills are 31 in season10.

Matches Played564
Top 10208
K/D ratio7.07
Most kills27
Season rating5190

3. HYPER-Coffin

The original name of HYPER-Coffin is Asim Altan Yuce. Coffin is from Turkey. He is a member of the Sapphire clan. People call coffin the God of the PUBG. He is famous for his ruthless games. Hyper-Coffin also has a Youtube channel. His channel name is Coffin. He performs best in season3 till. Best kills are 36 in season3. We ranked Coffin as 3rd PUBG pro players.

Matches Played533
Top 10229
K/D ratio6.16
Most kills24
Season rating6642

4. Soul Mortal

The original name of Soul Mortal is Naman Mathur. Soul Mortal is only 22 years old. Soul Mortal is from India. He is a member of the team SOUL. He is the conqueror of the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 in season 3. He is famous for his PRO gaming skils. He also has a Youtube channel. The name of the channel is MortaL. He performs best in season4 till. Best kills are 33 in season4.

Matches Played236
Top 10150
K/D ratio7.65
Most kills21
Season rating6546

5. Biubiubiiiiuuu

The original name of Biubiu is Yu Lei-Xin. Biubiu is from Malaysia. He is the youngest PBUG PRO player of only 19 years old. He is a member of the Team Secret clean. He represents his team in the PMCO league. He also has a YouTube channel. The name of the channel is biu biu. He performs best in season 3 till. The best kills are 30 in season 3.

Matches Played215
Top 10119
K/D ratio6.58
Most kills29
Season rating5533


Above mentioned players are all the best ones. We don’t think someone wants to come across their squad in the Battlefield. They can easily give you a bad time. We discussed about the all time pro PUBG players above. We ranked them 1 to 5 after a lot of research, there is a place for exception, If you have one please let us know below. Further You can also provide us your profile details in comments, may be we will add you in the top 100 players of PUBG.