Famous & Easy-To-Do Hairstyles For Men

Males need extra care for their hair they should follow protective styling. Here the question arises what is protective styling? So a protective hair styling includes you should protect your scalp from the dangerous elements of the environment. In this post we have discussed about 7 most famous hairstyles for men step-by-step.

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Here we are enlisting some famous hairstyles for men

  • Classic combed back style
  • Rocker’s look
  • Short back and sides
  • Classic pompadour
  • Man’s bun
  • Side part hairs
  • Short curly quiff

1. Classic Combed Back Style For Long Hairs

Classic Combed Back Style Long Hairs - Hair styling for men

Things you need

Step1. Comb the hairs in a fine manner in their natural style.

Step2. Now comb the upper hairs towards the back of your head (neck).

Step3. By combing back your short stands you can create this style that is Classic, polished and perfect for the office.

Step 3. Now set your hair by spraying hairspray.

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2. Rocker’s Look Quick To-Do Hairstyle

Rocker's look For Long Hairs - hair styles for men

Things you need

Step1. Your hair needs to be shoulder-length with a layer that is point cut to achieve bedhead texture.

Step2. Spritz with a salt spray and leave the hair to dry naturally.

Step3. Take the top section and tie back in a ponytail leaving the rest of the hairs back long and down.

3. Short back and Side Easy To Do Hairstyle

Short back and Sides For Long Hairs - Style men hairs

How to get this style:
Square layer through the top while leaving the weight around the hairline / outline with broken edges for texture.

Step 1. Start with wet hair.

Step 2. Towel dry.

Step 3. Apply clay styling product.

Step 4. Evenly distribute hairs for natural texture according to your hair cut above mentioned.

4. Classic Pompadour For Long Hairs

Classic Pompadour For Long Hairs - Man's Hairstyles

For stylish gents, it is one of the most famous hairstyles.

Step 1. Finely comb your hair.

Step 2. Combed back the upper section of your hair towards the neck (This section includes hairs from left ear to right ear).

Step 3. Finely and carefully combed back all hairs make your hairs slightly higher than your scalp.

Step 4. Apply salt spray to fix the style in position.

5. Man’s Bun Easy To Do At Home

Man's Bun For Long Hairs - Hairstyles for men

Step 1. Start with hairs still damp and with natural texture.

Step 2. Scrap the hair back and up away from the face and hairline.

Step 3. Tease out a few sections to give a little texture on top.

Step 4. Loosely wrap them in a knot, high on the top section.

Step 5. Secure them in a hairband or hair tie.

6. Side Part Hair Quick To-Do Hairstyle

Side Part Hairs For Long Hairs - Cool Men Hairstyles

Step 1. For this hair styling, you need to start with a short haircut on sides.

Step 2. Now comb your hair forward.

Step 3. Find your natural part.

Step 4. Sweep your hair to one side.

Step 5. To complete this look, make the hard part clean and noticeable.

7. Short Curly Quiff For Long Hairs

Short Curly Quiff Made From Long Hairs - Man Hairs Styling

Step 1. Finely combed your hair.

Step 2. Find the natural part of your hair.

Step 3. Take the upper section of your hairs toward the back.

Step 4. Now style your strands into a quiff to show off your natural volume and texture.

Step 5. Now use hairspray to fix the quiff.

This hair styling is mostly recommended for curly hairs. You can style your hairs however you like or however it suits you its all your personal choice.

“How you style your long hairs is all about personal preference and suitability to your lifestyle”

Steve | Blurbgeek