Fashion & Makeup Art

Fashion is diverse in itself and adopted in different manner in all the societies around the world. The Art of Makeup completes the essence of Fashion. We are going to discuss about the Makeup from the beginning and gradually make its relation with fashion. Also we will be mentioning some of the artists who made the art of makeup unique to their brand.

The Art of Makeup

It is art of changing the physical features of a person by applying makeup, it also include using different techniques to change the facial features entirely,

“Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty: it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.”

Michelle Phan | Blurbgeek
A face without makeup is like food without taste - The Art of Makeup
A face without makeup is like food without taste – The Art of Makeup | Blurbgeek

Makeup Artist

The person whose target is human body, applying makeup on others for film, theater, fashion shows, magazines, photo shoot, production, commercials etc. Including all aspects of modeling & fashion industry

Makeup artist is closely related with fashion industry. It is such a beautiful art in which makeup artist apply different mediums on skin to transform or enhance its appearance and make it even gorgeous and more attractive. Makeup artist mostly referred as cosmetologists also named as beauticians.

Straight your facts about a MISCONCEPTION about makeup artist. it is only related with Applying medium on body to modify the look of a person. It doesn’t include other services like nails or hair cutting manicure ,pedicure body massages or facial etc

Origin Of The Art Of Makeup

The art of applying makeup goes back to at-least 6000 years. It was the era of Egyptians. Ancient Egyptian “Pharaoh’s” would employee especially trained servants to apply cosmetic or beauty products on their skin in order to make them look like their GODS.

But as the time passed, trend of using cosmetic became popular. Different beauty products are now being introduced in the world. In the recent decades the makeup industry or makeup artists raised dramatically. The demand of skilled persons increases day by day.

The Art of Makeup in Egypt
Art of Makeup in Egypt | Blurbgeek

Technique of Makeup


Special effect makeup artist spend hours to modifying a person into desired final shape. They often work with prosthetic and work passionately to create an illusion.

Theatrical makeup artist work with the director to bring their vision for the actor to reality.

In short all the makeup artists work efficiently and Cleverly to Make their medium attractive. They select their medium and target passionately. In fact many makeup artist work with cosmetic companies to create cosmetic of their own choice according to the facial or skin requirement of the target.

Makeup Artisting | A Fine Career

Makeup artist is just like a freelancing work. There is a MISCONCEPTION that make-up artist is employed with movie-stars or with models in fashion industry. A makeup artist have liberty to choose the work of his/ her own choice.

As a freelancer they have liberty to take assignments like bridle makeup, party make up, models makeup etc. They have a choice to work with highly reputed saloons, or can introduce their self by their own creative ideas. In short they can advertise themselves by creating innovations in this beautiful art.


  • Pat McGrath
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Kevyn Aucion
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Gucci Westman
  • Dick Smith
  • Stan Winston
  • Lisa Eldridge
  • John Chamber
  • Rick Baker

Pat McGrath

Is the most Influential makeup artist in the world, she had no formal training for makeup artist. She introduced cosmetics and make-up concept of “prada, miu Miu, Giorgi Armani”  launching and developing luxury brands.

Pat Mcgrath - Makeup Artist
Pat McGrath – Makeup Artist | Blurbgeek

Charlotte Tilbury

This lady is not only a makeup artist but also founder and creative director of her own beauty and skincare brands. She was the first assistant to Mary green-wall, who became a mentor to Tilbury. She had won many awards and also launched her own channel YouTube.

Charlotte Tilbury - Makeup Artist
Charlotte Tilbury – Makeup Artist | Blurbgeek

Kevyn Aucion

She worked with pat McGrath as a make-up artist for test models then he went on to work with Revlon where he became creative director. Then Aucion worked with shiseido and finally came kevyn Aucion beauty that launched in 2001 and became the platform For incredible success for that makeup artist.

Kevyn Aucion - Makeup Artisit
Kevyn Aucion – Makeup Artisit | Blurbgeek

Bobbi Brown

I can never create a list of top makeup without mentioning Bobbi brown, founder of Bobbi Brown cosmetic. She is not only a famous makeup artist but also Ex-CO of Bobbi brown cosmetics and author of eight makeup and beauty books. She had unbeatable talent so that she introduced ground breaking makeup with her own line. And her line includes creativity as well as essence of life in them.

Bobbi Brown - Makeup Artist
Bobbi Brown – Makeup Artist | Blurbgeek

Gucci Westman

She is a makeup artist and also a cosmetic designer. Gucci is well known for her makeup on celebrities. She works with famous makeup artists like Revol, Jessica Alba, Elle MacPherson, Halle berry.

Gucci Westman Makeup Artist | BlurbGeek
Gucci Westman Makeup Artist | Blurbgeek

Dick Smith

He is not a typical makeup artist. Smith is known for his special makeup effect in film such as ” taxi driver” ” little big man” etc. His creativity and unbeatable talent awarded him with ” academic award for best make-up artist and hair-styling”.

Dick Smith - Makeup Artist
Dick Smith – Makeup Artist | Blurbgeek

Stan Winston

Just like dick stan also known for his special effects and he also won an award of best academy awards for his work. Not just one but four different awards. He is well known for his ” terminator and Jurassic park” series and also for “predator and Iron man”

Some of his expertise includes,

Puppets, practical effect.

Stan Winston - Makeup Artist
Stan Winston – Makeup Artist | Blurbgeek

Lisa Eldridge

She is an incredible makeup artist , creative director and an author. She collaborated with shiseido in 1998 to create a makeup line that is for Asian demographic.

Lisa Eldridge - Makeup Artist
Lisa Eldridge – Makeup Artist | Blurbgeek

John Chamber

He is one of the most influential makeup artist of all time. John is well known for his prosthetic makeup and winning an academic Honorary award in 1968. He also worked on,

“the planet of the apes”

“The Munster”  ” the quter limits” etc.

John Chambers - Makeup Artist
John Chambers – Makeup Artist | Blurbgeek

Rick Baker

He is one of the top makeup artists of the world and a special makeup effect creator and a special effect supervisor. He is famous for his creature designs and effects. Rick also won the academic award for best makeup and hair-styling seven times with 11 nominations.

In short he was a mastermind.

Rick Baker - Makeup Artist
Rick Baker – Makeup Artist | Blurbgeek

Every singly person would like to look gorgeous and attractive so our makeup artist change their wish into reality as it is said by someone,

” Makeup is an ACCESSORY to fashion”

Fransisco Nars | Blurbgeek

So through their creative techniques,  collaborative process, designs and hair-styling techniques, they are changing the fashion world and with these innovations inspiring the world; making a runway for the fashion industry.

Some Famous Makeup Brands

We become choosy when it come to pick things for ourselves. Everyone would like to have something that has class and long-lasting effects. Here are some famous makeup brands that will certainly help you, if you’re looking the right cosmetics for your skin.

Famous Makeup Brand Names Nowadays – Blurbgeek

Makeup Artists of Pakistan

Pakistan is such a country that is rich in talent, YOUTH having creative ideas and introducing different innovations. Pakistan  have many creative and talented makeup artists, I would like to mention some of them.

Concluding Art of Makeup

Makeup is an art and art polishes beauty. Makeup artist are leading their own creative touche to fashion. We should appreciate their efforts.

Here are some tips for you if you wished to be a makeup artist

  • Be a consummate professional
  • Keep a positive and struggling attitude
  • Be a creative person and always have a thirst to learn
  • Find a mentor in your field
  • Stay on top of trends and never miss fashion weeks
  • Invest in your make-up kit or in your cosmetics
  • Having spiritual guidance

One thing that is most important not for this field but also of evey field of like and applicable for every person.

Creativity is your best makeup skill, don’t be afraid to experiment

Pat McGrath | Blurbgeek