Fashion: How we define it?

In fact, fashion was not simply a sort of individuals to urge preference in garments and music. It also have to be mention that style and dressing is one in every of the foremost chop-chop dynamic facet of social and individual life.

Very few would disagree with the fact that we have tendency to change the world with our capabilities and good gifted qualities. The development of human society was historically in the course of the progress of its socio -culture sphere. Basically our ancestors was so creative, they were trying to develop a satisfactory culture for all nations and people belonging to all religions. In culture of any nation dressing is the vital part. As people get aware of the fact that improvement in their dressing and attitude would change their lifestyles.

Fashion Now a days
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This thought give rise to style and dressing industry in this way style industry became the viral part of human life. As a result of this, among the last fifty years only fashion have emerged dramatically and what’s most likely a lot of vital,the modern trends explain to the increasing speed of adjusting of style industry.

Fashion and Business

Fashion additionally associates in Nursing immaterial smart. And therefore this method transmits, shares and then bring variation in the human society. Each fashion and economic process square measure advance and three phenomena, and therefore analysis of this association are often approach by a large form of discipline In this way we can analyze that fashion industry have positive impact on economic conditions. style, each a business and culture smart, has not been acid-fast that: on one hand style industry may be a multi-billion greenback trade, that can dramatically raise the economy of a country. On the other hand, recent trends of fashion industry destroying the culture of every nation.

Cash and girl
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Street Style and Rough Style
Street style outfit

Teenagers and Fashion

Teenagers has taken it upon themselves to promote the fashion like it has never thought. Fashion is getting popular in youth this makes our youth classy and trendy and fashionable garments or accessories are such things that help people communicate who and what they are. Fashion is getting more popular in teenagers. They put more attention on their look and appearance in public places then to their social activities. The peer influence like hero worship which becomes part of adolescent identity creation. It is the basic reason why teenager aspire for more fashion concern then any other age group. When a fashion designer introduces a dress and many companies advertises it by using models or actresses then college or university students blindly follows that. Sometimes these dresses beyond modesty and simplicity.

Fashion is now became a Competition and everyday fashion is just became a war in which we have to restrict ourselves to adopt the concept of European or Western high fashion. Everyday fashion is a interactive process through which the aspiring individuals of the society consciously project their bodily self in a distinctive manner in the form of clothing style. This different manner of style is equally drawn from the fashion trends deeply rooted in society through lifestyle, style of conventions, fays code concept develop by designers and street style fashion setters.

Vintage Style look of a man wearing hat and sweater.
Vintage Style look

Fashion through different Eras

Style insdustry is unbeatable industry it is possible to prevent the progress of this field progress of style and dressing are basically the progress of culture. Style industry is developed step by step but in twentieth century it emerge dramatically. Here I am enlisting the different eras through which style industry develop and became stable.Fashion industry’ started in 1950s. From 1950 to 2000 fashion industry passes through following events. In 1950 this field originated from Western culture in this era this field accept dramatic changes,obviously it was the post-war epoch and poet was suffering from horrors of war, and therefore new generation had began to play particularly a vital role in fashion industry yet forming the basis of their social life after a giant loss.

In general I literally say that fifties were the epoch of amazing changes and growing contradictions between 2 international systems,
1. Capitalist
2. Communist

So the changes in their social lifestyle pass from generation to generation. There were some also important challenges ethics or ethical norms of the older generation. So as a result of this dramatic modifications new brand had developed in this era.

1960s Flat Bottomed Jeans
1960s Flat Bottomed Jeans

1960s Dressing Style

THE ERA of 1960s, was the epoch during which trends initiated in fifties had grownup stronger. The last decade was poor with several fashion tradition for the past epoch. This was the era of very nice changes. It is achievable to say that the beetles were among the leaders in fashion.

Furthermore, VIGRIN MARY QUANT fictional a miniskirt and it became the style at intervals the late sixties in addition had a profound impact on wear-style in conjunction with flat bottomed jeans, tie-dye etc.

1970s Grunge Style
1970s Grunge Style outfit

1970s Grunge Style

This era was basically well known by the event of the romantic fashion trends of designers.

The well known designers of this era was Yves Saint Laurent, Ossie Clark and Zandra Rhodes. As for men’s fashion it’s need to have nothing that ties boardened and became additional al coloured , as did shirts collar and suit jacket lapels.But at identical time their shoes were echoed the style of nineteen forties style with high heels and low platform mules. 1970s may even be outlined as a metamorphosis epoch between sixties and together the new punk epoch that continued even in eighties.

Michael Jackson Style
Michael Jackson Style

1980s Fashion Trends

DURING The ERA of 1980s; Speaking related to fast of eighties I would clearly explain that eighties style incorporated distinct trends from all epoch.

The foremost conservative Female fashion was the use of shoulder pads moreover fitting shirts was in fashion but in eighties style as each man and woman started wear loose shirts and tight short fitting paint. In this era MADONNA was titled the “material girl” and plenty of teenage girls looked to her for style statement. At the epoch makeup was streaked and daring pastel colors dominated style and dressing of this epoch. Animal skinned jackets Were popular by Michael Jackson. And ear-ring also became fashion for teenage males.

Late 1990s Fashion
Late 1990s Outfit

Style of late 1990s

1990 was the epoch that was historically the time of anti- fashioned and it had to be mentioned that this was the amount of nice soico-culture changes that automatically effected fashion.

Whereas, in such situation fashion couldn’t remain untouched. Fabric Flannel Shirts and Stone washed Blue Jeans was the trend settling fashion before the filth vogue in Style world that resulted in declination of bright color in fabrics.

Trending Style of 2000

Speaking strictly about the style of 2000 it would say that it continues the traditions of nineteen nineties. Whali tail and projecting boxer shorts marked starting time period of twee ties. This dressing expose the undergarments and buttocks. In this epoch lower back became a standard placement for tattoos among Young girls.

Fashion Trend of 2000
Woman in 2000 Style Outfit

Latest Trends of Style World

In the present era Style industry completely got control on the society. Designers doing wonderful work and they are introducing dress in different looks ( formal and informal) they makes our society more sophisticated and decent. But I also want to mention that the fashion has put some drasting effect on the human society. Some designers introducing dress that don’t fulfill the standers of morality. They are miss guiding the youth by introducing vulgar dress. Such type of fashion creating a mess in young generation. They have not mature enough to understand whats good for them, they just blindly follow the trends.

Immortality is increasing day by day and style industry in one of its basic reason. But we can’t neglect this fact that fashion also played a vital role in improving our living standard. SOME famous International BRANDS,
Here I am enlisting some famous international fashion brands. These brands have made their way to the top of style world,

Young Girl in Levis T-Shirt and Short Jeans
Levis T-Shirt & Short Jeans
  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • benelton
  • Nike
  • LVMH
  • L brands
  • adidas
  • inditex
  • T.J.max
  • H&M
  • Kering
  • Luxottica

Clothing and fashion are career of wide range ideology manners. The social AGENDA of these Style trends or fashion trend setters is to label the consumer’s identity in term of their lifestyle, choice and manner attitude. Some people who want to show themselves classy and trendy blindly follow them and became a good prey. The lifestyle or choice changes from person to person or form one time period to other. Every person has his own views about how he should look! in front of the rest of the world and these views also considered the prevailing social values.

Fashion! How should we chose

Attitude is an expression of feelings and values but their motivational force is the basic element that help the other to make a right decision. Styleis a field that demand creativity. Fashion makes our life classy and trendy. We should heartily appreciate the efforts of people belonging to this field. So the trend of the day is self expressive anonymous style that tends to remove social prejudice about Dressing industry in society.