All relationships go through hell, real ones got through it

Whether you and your partner have been dating for a couple of months or you just started dating. There are always possibilities of having dull and unhappy relationships. Such cases of a spice less relation eventually ends up in confused boring arguments. Still there are many small ways of being Mr. and Mrs. right. If someone thinks that their relation is special it would be an understatement. Because most of the relationships have the same bugs that needs to be fixed.

All Relationships Are Same?

As all the relationships are not the same there are a few main reasons that turn your relationship into a desperate situation. Every relation is not perfect but we can try to better our relationships with some simple steps. If you follow these steps, this may take you and your partner to a serious commitment.

A Couple is sitting on beach
A Couple is sitting on beach | Relationships that got Fortunate | Blurbgeek

Letting Go of Past

A person can only move ahead and move past every hurdle by looking ahead Instead of crying over split milk you need to let go of all the previous faults in your relationship. One of the most difficult and important part is letting go because if you try to completely forget all that happened; though this is tough and does depend on how bad were the things before. This will play a key role in advancing your relationship to a bright future. Your partner will instantly realize all the affection and love you have for him/her. And will also try to be positive towards getting back together like a new couple.

Breakup Feeling sad
Breakup Feelings; Tears from a beautiful eye | Relationships that got Fortunate | Blurbgeek

Changing in Chats

Relationships often became boring because there is nothing to talk about. An interesting chat between the partners is very important it increases the understanding. When you and your partner have something new to talk about every time you meet your relationship is no way near a confusion. Asking same questions make the other person realize that you’re start lacking interest in conversation; steadily moving your relation to the verge of chaos. Try to never repeat the same topic because the more you two talk the more your partner start thinking about you and your talks. A dull conversation eventually ends-up in silence.

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A couple sitting on bench with the backs turned on each-other | Ups and Downs in Relationships| Blurbgeek

Stop Playing Games

If you are acting mean and arrogant then you will seek your partners attention for a short duration of time but it may end up in complete bullshit. These tiny habits that you evolve during a relation makes you the topic of interest for your partner; also causes pain to your partner. But when they have an idea that you are just playing these little games to get attention by causing them sorrow. It will hurt them and that is a fatal end to your relationship.

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A Girl lie down placing her hands on her face | Relationship can be good or bad | Blurbgeek

Spice Things Up

Spicing up doesn’t mean that you put a bunch of chilies in your partners pudding instead it means that you start arranging some hangouts in your schedule. A day-out will be the best idea to improve your relation. Start doing fun activities even, if they are crazy but these should have a solid effect in developing affection towards you. Do some funny things for your partner instead of staying at home watching Netflix.

Little Sacrifices Can Bring Much

We know — you’re independent and don’t plan on stopping your life for anyone (and you shouldn’t have to). Even though you have other commitments outside of your relationship, it’s a kind gesture to compare both of your schedules to see if it’s possible to spend more time together. Maybe your partner can go to the gym a little earlier to attend the movie premiere you wanted to attend. Or maybe you can wake up earlier to get your projects done so that you can make it to your partner’s wishes that they seek in a relationship. While you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your life to satisfy your partner, your ability to compromise should be enough to make him or her happy.

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A beautiful couple kissing each-other | True Relationship | Blurbgeek

Let go a little

Letting go only means that you don’t rush into things . In a relationship a little space is needed if you lose power in your relationship you will be eager to spend more time with your partner. But that’s not how relationships work. When clashes begin in a relation all you need is a little space, let them adjust and don’t rush things in your relationship. And that is not the only thing that is significant do some chores spend some time with your love. Hopefully the things will start to work and to maintain a relationship with your partner being in the line can be effective in a negative sense.

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Couple standing on beach | Pure Relationships Feeling | Blurbgeek

Somethings Best to know about Relationships!

To have a healthy relation with your boyfriend you should never forget and ignore the small things that your partner likes and dislikes. Because these little things show how much you care about them. Another way to add meaning to your conversation is to truly listen to what your significant other is saying and talk about it in the future. If your partner mentions a conversation that he or she wants to have with a manager, take note on your calendar and remember to ask about it the day of. The fact that you’re able to refer back to the topics and details that your partner spoke about is one that will touch him or her.

Overall, it’s the little things that means the most, and there’s no better way to show this than starting with your relationships. By nature every human being does not open about some topics instead they like it to be secured in their hearts. One important relationship tip is that you always speak the truth if you are already in a relationship you will  easily understand what we are trying to say here . Secrets always stand in the way of any type of communication. Basically it happens like this that if a person does not share stuff that is very personal.

Building Trust in Relationships

But its also natural that your partner have a glimpse; you are not telling him/her about yourself honestly. We don’t trust them like the way we trust a person who is open about his every doing. This healthy activity builds trust even stronger and in relation when you keep secret other person has millions of thoughts in their minds. It will tell them not to trust you when they find out by another source other than you.

Showing your partner that you care is as simple as opening a door, cooking a meal or giving them your jacket when it’s cold, but you also have to verbalize it. Some people never say those three little words, and that’s hard on your mate, so find a way to let your loved one know you care.

Be a little more, and create a random act of kindness. It doesn’t take much of your time. When parents care for their children emotions develop that are so strong  and a child can do anything for his/her parents; same is the case in relationship. When your care for your partner verbally and physically, you become one of the post important people to them. Relationships improve in minutes as soon as you came to know how to be careful for your partner.

Bearded man showing love to his Girl
Bearded man showing love to his Girl | A good Relationship Brings Happiness | Blurbgeek

Feeling cherished states that you are the most important person in your mate’s life will keep the two of you close because you are valued and validated by each other. Knowing that your partner thinks the world of you can give with you tremendous will of doing anything for him/her. Some random words of kindness and love makes other persons day. Be interested in their doings tell them that they are doing great unlike any other human being.

Give them your full support cherish how wonderful they are, use some cheesy lines like ( are you a magician ? cause every time I look at you everything else disappears or that are you a parking? cause you got fine written all over you. This cherishing process is to be done on daily basis so that the other person knows, you will support him/her no matter what.

Be Honest in your Relationships

Even if you are in a long distance relationships and you people cannot meet with each other timely but your relationship can still be awesome internet can provide such possibilities you can chat and video call on daily basis. One of the hardest part of a long-distance relationship is maintaining trust.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to believe or to know where your partner is or who they are with, unless you are honest and trustworthy from the start. Keep no secrets and remain open-minded. Remember, it is still possible to mentally abuse your partner from far away, even if you don’t realize you are doing it so try to be as honest as you can be and hope for good and it may move to a serious commitment.

Forever in Love
A couple standing hand in hand “Forever in Love” | Being Honest in Relationships | Blurbgeek

By reading this article with possibility of developing a good relation, any person can get hundred percent response from their partner in no time. These steps will only take a few days and will give you a soul mate for the rest of your life. And you will just know that where were you mistaken, what type of things you were not doing that you ended up here …But be positive, you will work it out, anything is possible, just believe in yourself and in your partner. If they are really made for each-other your relationship isn’t going anywhere near breakup or heartbroken. We wish you the best of luck may you get what you desire.

Note: Let us know we were of any help, give your honest reviews about this post. What do you want us to upload next time till then, follow these steps and live a dream life with the love of your life