Affiliating Marketing is enormously affecting the shopping community in the present era. There is a lot of buzz around it, and many peoples are wondering about how to get into the business. Or, should they get into the business? Affiliate marketing is not a 9 to 5 job. It could be exhausting at start as you have to build your blog or selling platform from scratch. But, once you get a hold of it, you can make money without spending much time online. Before telling you about the Reasons to start affiliate marketing, First let me explain the term “Affiliate Marketing” a bit.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In this business a Publisher/Blogger signed up with a retailer to promote his products/services and in return get the agreed commission after the sales. It means the Publisher/Blogger will advertise the products of his costumer by means of some online source and once the products/services are purchased the Publisher/Blogger will get the percentage of the sales. In other words, the Publisher/Blogger will act as Third Party Company, which promotes the services/products.

Note: Today the whole world is occupied by lock down. May be, it is the best time to learn affiliate marketing today. Further here are some ways to spend your time effectively in lock down.

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We will now, talk about the Reasons to start affiliate marketing Today one by one and explain along the way.

1. The Start-up Is Cheap and You Don’t Need to Get Associated With a Single Business

To start affiliate marketing all you need is an established website to promote the products/services of your retailer. There is no actual cost involve in this; you just need a domain and a little start-up work to establish the website. You can initially, write articles and promote it through social media and do promotions of small start-ups in low cost. In the beginning, you just need to sign-up for and affiliate program. These programs are free of cost. Then you can promote your blog/website through media buying. This is process in which you buy traffic from other afflicted websites or companies by directly promoting their services/products. Once they will start responding to your requests, you will get paid for your work.

Like any other business or services, In which first, you have to become the master of game before offering the products/services to the audience. In the affiliate marketing, you can go straight up to the retailer and convince him to let you sell his products/services. You don’t need to worry about the change in market trend because you can always offer new products/services. This is because the affiliate marketing is not associated to a single business, you can provide a variety of services under one platform.

Due to these reasons to start affiliate marketing is the best option to make tons of money online. All you need is a committed mind and a bulk load of patience in starting.

2. You Decide Your Own Working Location

To be honest with you, When you start a job somewhere, it feels like you are bound to it. You can’t go to places where you needed to be. You can’t make time for your kids and for your friends and even sometimes, you miss the important events of your life. In the times, Internet freedom affiliate marketing allows you a chance to avail all these happiness. You don’t need to remain tied with a bunch for your whole day.

With an Affiliate Marketing job, you can work, travel, spend time with your family, play games, enjoy music and hangout with your friends. You just need to find a timeframe that is best suited your routine and could work in these hours easily.

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Affiliate Marketing Is Location Independent

3. Flexible Working Hours

As a matter of fact online business can be scheduled according to your timeframe. But, When you start new business, it takes time to establish. Same is true for the affiliate marketing, you can’t expect to become popular overnight. You have to put efforts into it. Like a new born baby, Online business is very sensitive, if you don’t give it enough time; It will start demonetize and will fall behind in the ranking.

Usually, Google takes about 6-8 months to rank a website and up till that it monetize the validation of traffic and content on the website. If you give these months to your website/blog and promote your services/products to every possible platform and work really hard. You will get the fruits of your labor in the end. During this timeframe, try to interact with your audience and get to know thier minds. Read the comments regularly and try to improve your services in every possible way. Once your website is establised, than you can rest and make your own timeframe to work. You can also hire others to do your job and pay them according to thier work. But, I highly recommend to give time yourself in the starting so, you know what it feels like to taste the success of your own hardwork.

4. You Can Choose To Sell Of Your Own Taste

You have a lot to sell. Right? Everything is online these days and thousands of services/products are available to choose from. You just need to select the services/products, you want to promote and sell. You can do this by visiting shopping platforms like and Amazon etc. Once you select the products/services, the step is to create an amazing pitch that a costumer can’t neglect. If your pitch works than you’re in the business. To come up with a right pitch, you have to ask yourself these questions?

  • What price range should be good to start?
  • What times of year did costumer are more fond of specific products?
  • Will these topics are the ones, they most interested in?
  • Did they buy from male or female product creators?
  • What kind of payment plans were they most interested in?
  • How many emails did you send them? What worked?

If you’re able to reach the mind of your costumer than I think this is it. You will have your very first order and the journey to a successful destination begins.

5. Eventually You Will Get To The Minds Of Your Audience

When you first start the affiliate marketing, things are still blurred in your mind. This happens because you’re new to the game. But with the passage of time, you get the hang of our arena. You divide the audience on the basis of,

  • Demographics
  • The points at which they buy specific service/products
  • Their Best Interests

Base on these assumptions, you select the services/products to offer. Let’s say you’re having discussion with a client that wants to have a Yoga instructor. The first time will be difficult, since you’re not expert of the field and you will hear out his question, take some time to understand them and then get him in touch with the perfect instructor. This will give you a new experience and new niche to explore. Next time, when a costumer asks for a yoga instructor, you will be ready will the possible answers and even should include it in the service. It will save time and your audience will know all the necessary information about the service.

6. Makes You a Great Businessman

At this point, you are familiar with your audience, you know which products are doing good. You also know, what is selling best and whom you have to target in the future. Are you noticing the change? This is giving a business sense. You’re thinking like a successful businessman. You know hoe to deal with the costumers and how to make them place the orders. The experience is giving a sixth sense to affiliate new products and expanding your services. You will be able to handle you’re own promotional calendar.

Learn to sell others’ product and selling your own stuff will seem easy. That’s one benefit of affiliate marketing.

Now you know, the next step is to launch your own products. You have experience and traffic and it’s a great time to make your own start-up. That’s the reason you should start the affiliate marketing because eventually, you will be able to sell your own products and make profit directly.

7. Risk Factor Is Lower

When you sell products/services through affiliate marketing the risk of getting your money stuck in near to impossible. You will always come out with a good set of payments. The only negative factor in this line of work is when someone unsubscribes you from the list of potential sellers. But, it’s the business. Right? Competition is tough and sometimes, failure is inevitable. So, don’t worry about that because once you crossed to list of 1000 successful emails, if someone unsubscribed you from the list; This is nothing to worry about.

Your potential buyers are not going to unsubscribe because you offered them something of value that might be a good fit for them. They are much more likely to buy the affiliate offer than unsubscribe, so even if you do lose one potential buyer, you make up for it with the affiliate commissions worth 5-10 times more than they were.

8. You Don’t Need To Bother about Shipping and Delivery

There are many benefits, if you choose to start affiliate marketing. One of them is you don’t to worry about the delivery once the order is placed. Let’s just say, there are only three steps in Affiliate Marketing.

  1. Make A Pitch
  2. Make the Sale
  3. Done With It
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No Headache Of Shipping and Delivery

Because, you don’t own the business, acting as a third party you point the costumer in the direction of buyer and get your commission. Once the costumer, decide to place the order the responsibility shifts to retailer. You’re out of the picture now, and he is to take care of all the shipping and delivery arrangements. Now, you know main reasons to start affiliate marketing could be the best business for you.

9. Forget About “Hidden Charges”

In the Digital World we’re living in, everything includes hidden charges. From your credits to the bills you pay and things you buy. But, you will be surprised to hear, Affiliating marketing doesn’t include any hidden charges. Your 30-40% is yours to enjoy, without paying any hidden costs. How many businesses include such liberty and benefits. Very few, if you ask me. Even you start your career as a freelancer, you have to pay middle party a cut to withdraw your amount. But the affiliate marketing is all about profit and profit.

10. Earn As much As You Can

We have saved this for the end. It will motivate you because when it comes to money, there isn’t any other motivation like it. There is no limit of how much you can earn through affiliate marketing. It depends on your potential, if you can handle larger audience than aim big and you will end up earning a very handsome amount each month. According to a rough estimate, you can earn anywhere from $35,000 – $50,000 a year, if you have good connections established.

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Earn as Much as You can

So, Those we the main Reasons to start affiliate marketing. Obviously, numerous individuals will take a stab at offshoot showcasing and stop that is the means by which business goes. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint at heart which is why 80% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years. On the splendid side, the individuals who stay with it, locate a demonstrated preparing program, get the correct apparatuses, and encircle themselves with individuals who are succeeding will see that associate showcasing is an incredible plan of action.