Corona pandemic not only bringing death to humans but the industry related to humankind is effecting equally. Same goes for the fashion industry also. The top brands who were gearing up for the fashion festivals in Lahore and Karachi this year; Had to cancel their plans due to the sudden outbreak of virus in the country. As the situation begin to getting worse the fashion industry also came under the crane and collapsed alongside it. Pakistani Designers are going virtual after feeling very insecure about this year’s plans.

The situation is; all the wedding designers are waiting in the offices and hoping to get a client and same for the advertisement companies. The fashion industry that thrives on glamour and big events is now sitting on the backseat like some juggler waiting for its turn to perform a feat. Pakistani designers had seen worse times and when finally the industry is booming; the virus hits and everything changes suddenly, so they decided to go virtual.

The huge brands ready for the summer and Ramadan launch are filled with anger because of the order of lock down. Their huge inventories can go to waste as EID Event is the major hit of the year; Which unfortunately will be not so fruitful this year. Anyways, Inspired by the London’s Men Fashion Week Event scheduled to place online in June.

Pakistani Fashion artist Frieha Altaf is planning Pakistan’s own virtual Cat Walk. In one of her statements she mentioned,

“The show will be called ‘Catwalk Cares’ and a lineup of 16 to 20 designers will be showcasing about two to three outfits each”

Frieha Altaf | Designer | Blurbgeek
Frieha Altaf | Designer

Because of the pressing times ahead and demand of the future. Digital fashion events could be the possible remedy to the loss of Fashion Industry, she mentioned. Moreover, Pakistani designers should understand the need of the hour and have to unite in this action to make it successful. The digital fashion walks in the future and her plan is to implement the Virtual Fashion Industry in Pakistan.

The event will be happening before Eid-ul-Fitr and famous brands will send their articles to the models at their homes by means of TCS or other companies. The models will bring the articles to studios after being filtered from all preventive measures.

The models will then be prepared by famous stylist Nabila Maqsood and their videos and images will be edited afterwards. When the photo and video shot will be done. It will be compiled and streamed live.

Nabila Maqsood - Dawn | Blurbgeek
Nabila Maqsood – Dawn

This will provide all the brands to generate revenue through e-commerce and will set a new trend in Pakistan. Frieha says further,

“It is also a great way to keep the fashion industry alive and relevant to the current times and to form a global showcase for the future. Most importantly, this show will be an effort to give back to the frontliners that are battling against the coronavirus pandemic.”

The so far confirmed brands agreed to donate their articles are, Faraz Manan, Shehla Chatoor, Chapter 2 by Khaadi, Maheen Karim, Elan, Generation, Nomi Ansari, Ali Xeeshan, Ismail Farid, Shamaeel Ansari, Asim Jofa, Sonya Battla, Huma Adnan and Amir Adnan.

This could be a great opportunity both for the industry to set a new trend and for the brands to make their impact on virtual fashion. Of course there will be troubles in the beginning but the experience will be certainly wonderful.

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