Something that prevents you to concentrate on studies for long hours, is known as Distraction. Studying is not as simple as it sounds. It seems like 24 hours are not enough for studies in a day. Because almost half the time spent by us is in doing irrelevant work. Today, we will discuss how to focus more on studies and avoid distractions of mind forever.

Causes for Distraction of Mind:

  • Your smartphone
  • Lack of sleep
  • People around you
  • Multi-tasking
  • internet

1. Your Smartphone

If you have a smartphone then you know better how distracting it is from your studies. A student sits down to study, little ‘ping’ invites him/her towards the smartphone. Video games, texting and some of the activities let the student in a busy schedule. Most of the high-school, colleges, university teachers are in a constant battle with smartphones for attention in the classroom. Students are busy in text, surf the web, post on social media while the teacher delivers the lecture. As a result of this, they are not totally present in the classroom. Even when they try to study at home.

Turn-off Phone Focus Study
Turn off your phone – Pexels

How to avoid Smartphone

  • Place your phone outside the study room
  • Put your phone on silent mode
  • Check your phone after every 40-50 minutes and take a small break of 10-15 minutes

By following these instruction student focus more on studies and concentrate on it for long hours.

2. Lack of sleep

We all know that sleep problems are common in every second person especially in students. As a student, it seems impossible to get sufficient sleep. It affects the attention of the person in every field of life. If your a student the not getting enough sleep can affect the performance in studies and also in other tasks. Sleeplessness effects the person in four ways

  • Limits Planning and coordination Skills
  • Aggravate Behavior
  • limit Attention
  • Hampers Memory
Sleep Good Study More
Lack of Sleep – Unsplash

How to avoid lack of sleep?

  • Go to bed at the fixed time regularly
  • Do not drink tea, coffee or something like this after lunch
  • Get a minimum of eight hours of sleep every night

By adopting these instruction students avoid distractions and concentrate on studies for long hours.

3. People around you

Study is full of distractions nowadays. One of the distractions is the people around you. At home your family, at hostel your friends in different ways. Even one person around you distract you from studies. For example, you want to study but your friend/family member listening to music, watching TV and talking to someone in loud you don’t focus on your studies properly.

Concentrate and avoid people
People Around You – Unsplash

How to avoid the people around you?

  • Ask the people around you to give privacy
  • Study while all the people around you are sleeping or Not around you

By adopting these instruction student focus more on studies and .

4. Multi-tasking

One of the biggest distractions of mind for youngsters is multi-tasking. For example, you want to study and watch a movie at a time it’s impossible. Because a person does not focus on both thinks at a time. When your multitasking your attention is between those tasks, which is a huge distraction. John Medina wrote in his book  Brain Rules:

 The brain is a sequential processor, unable to pay attention to two things at the same time. Businesses and schools praise multitasking, but research clearly shows that it reduces productivity and increases mistakes.

John Medina

Multi-tasking in such a big destruction avoid it if you want to get successful.

Multi-Tasking cause Distraction
Multi Tasking – Pexels

How to avoid Multi-tasking?

  • Focus only on study at the time of study
  • Ignore all other activities at the study time
  • Turn on the cell phone, TV, Laptop and etc

By following these instruction student can focus on studies & avoid distraction of mind.

5. Internet

“Modern days, modern distraction”. The Internet is one of the biggest distractions in studies. Students open YouTube to watch informative videos about topic but after a few minutes there is something else(funny videos, movies, or some other material). Student open book, listen notification ring now his/her mind repeatedly thinks about it, at last, he/she picks the phone/laptop to see the notification. Small videos aren’t small when you watched 100 videos in series. When you have internet connection its more distracting because whole social media like Twitter, Facebook, Snap chat and etc are at your fingertips.

Internet Cause Distraction
Internet distract you – Unsplash

How to avoid distraction due to internet?

  • Turn your phone in silent mode.
  • Turn off your WiFi during study time.

By adopting these instructions students may focus on studies and avoid mind distraction from the internet.

Important Note: Studying all the time may tire you badly and it can also cause great stress to you. So, here are some ways to take a break from work/ study.

Some FAQs about focusing more on studies:

Here are some questions that most of the students ask to focus on and concentrate on studies for long hours without getting distracted. Here we go,

#1 How to focus more on studies when you are in love ?

Loving someone is part of life but the study is also important for your future goals. Fix your timetable(2-3 hours per day) for studying and avoid your love for that time. Make your love inspiration for you. During study time just remember that as swiftly you complete your studies, you talk and see your love.

#2 Why can’t i focus on studies ?

There are many things which distract you from studies

  • Insufficient material to read.
  • Lack of interest.
  • You select Wrong subjects.
  • Sometimes, we loot at brilliant students and think we can’t compete with them.
  • We look at lazy students and say, if they aren’t studying then, why I’m taking this headache?

#4 How can I Concentrate on studies for long hours ?

If you want to concentrate on your studies for long hours then you have to take a regular break of 15 minutes after every hour. Mostly try to study in the daylight because “Day is for work and Night is for rest.” According to the Holy Quran:

[He is] the cleaver of daybreak and has made the night for rest and the sun and moon for calculation. That is the determination of the Exalted in Might, the Knowing.

Al Quran, 96th verse of chapter 6 (Surat Al Anʿam)

#3 How can teenagers avoid distractions ?

  • First of all, turn off your internet connection before going to the study room.
  • Secondly, turn off your phone.
  • Ask the people around you to give you privacy.
  • Don’t fall in love during your academic career.
  • Avoid all the things that create a distraction to stay focused only on studies.