In recent times Pakistan is one of the countries that have the assembly, sub-assembly, and production of cars. The following are the 3 Best Economical Cars in Pakistan. Pakistan is a growing country most of the population belongs to the middle class with average income. They can’t afford luxury or expensive cars. If they can buy a luxury car the other aspects they can’t afford like maintenance, fuel and etc. so such peoples look for economical and affordable cars with the following aspects.

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  • Price
  • Fuel economy
  • Easy and affordable maintenance
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Taxation
  • Safety
  • Reliable
  • Durability
  • Features (standard)

Some are the above aspect’s buyer takes in the mind when they are looking for a budget car. Today we are discussing the 3 Best Economical Cars in Pakistan, and we rated the cars according to the above aspect.


SUZUKI ALTO 2019 - Economical Cars in Pakistan - Blurbgeek

Pak Suzuki has launched its 660cc local manufacturing car name as Alto in 2019.  Suzuki motor company is a Japanese automaker company. Which was established in Pakistan in 1983 in Karachi with the name of Pak Suzuki? Pak Suzuki is the largest assembler in Pakistan. They make economical cars in Pakistan. They are making different types of cars and bikes in Pakistan. Recently they stopped the production of Suzuki Mehran and in replacement, they launched Suzuki alto in 660cc. 

Pak Suzuki changes the trend of Mehran and launches alto with standard features. Alto is 2019 is the 8th generation car of alto series. While 9th generation of this car already launched in Japan in October 2019. This the cheapest car of Pak Suzuki after the off production of Suzuki Mehran. This is the first local 660cc car in Pakistan. It has a 3-cylinder 660cc EFI engine. Which produces 39 hp and 56 Nm torque. It has also multi-point injection fuel distribution.

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Alto launch in 3 different variants

  • Suzuki Alto VX
  • Suzuki Alto VXR
  • Suzuki Alto VXL

Specifications of Suzuki Alto 2019

SpecsSuzuki Alto VXSuzuki Alto VXRSuzuki Alto VXL
Powered Steering Yes Yes Yes
ABS No No Yes
Powered Mirrors No No Yes
Powered Window No No Yes
Air Bags No Yes Yes
LCD No No Yes
Keyless Entry Yes Yes Yes
Immobilizer Yes Yes Yes
Powered Door Lock Yes Yes Yes
AC and Heater No Yes Yes
Rear View Camera No NoOptional
Alloy Rims No Yes Yes
Seat Fabrics No Yes Yes
Price1135,000 PKR1308,000 PKR1518,000 PKR
All Variants of Suzuki Alto 2019 | Blurbgeek

Suzuki Alto is available in seven different colors which are the following:

  • Solid white
  • Silky Silver
  • Sand beige
  • Pearl Red
  • Pearl Black
  • Graphite grey
  • Cerulean Blue

It will be available on both transmission AGS and MANUAL. The top speed is 120-140 Km/h. Mileage (23 -26) km/L estimated by the company.

You can locate your nearby dealer by using the following link: Click Here

Prince Pearl 2019

Prince Pearl 2019 - Economical and Cheap Cars in Pakistan - Blurbgeek
Prince Pearl 2019

Prince is the brand of Regal Automobiles Industry Pvt Limited in Pakistan. (RAIL) is a third-biggest manufacturer of Bikes in Pakistan. Bikes are assembling in Lahore city. The company has collaborated with china’s company of automobiles to introduce 800CC Economical cars in Pakistan with all standard features. Regal group of Pakistan works with the DSFK group of china to introduce the car which is the cheapest car with all standard features under the tag of “Prince Pearl”. This is the joint venture of Regal motors of Pakistan and the DSFK group of automobiles industry of china.

Prince is launching 800cc car as tag name of “Prince Pearl” in December 2019. It is a hatchback car with a beautiful shape. It has curved edges on the body that are attractive to the viewer.

It has a 3-cylinder engine with EFI technology. Is the engine produces 40hp at 5500 RPM and 60.5 nm torque at 3500 RPM? It is a front-wheel-drive car with good mileage. (20-24 KM/L).

Specifications of Prince Pearl

SpecsPrince Pearl
Powered Steering Yes
Central Locking Yes
Alloy Rims Yes
AC and Heater Yes
LED Lights Yes
Fog Lamps Yes
Retractable Mirrors Yes
Keyless Entry Yes
Spear Tire and Sear Fabrics Optional
Air Bags Optional
Rear View Camera Optional
Navigation System Yes
Prince Pearl 2019 All You Need to Know | Burbgeek

Prince pearl will be available in the following colors at first soon it will be increased as per demand

  • Pure white
  • Cairo gold
  • Brown
  • Pearl red
  • Gray
  • Silver

The price of pearl is estimated because this car will launch in this month (December 2019). The estimated price is in between 8.5-9.0 lac PKR.

It will be available on both variant Manual and Auto transmission. Top speed 120-140 Km/h. Mileage according to the company (20-23) km/L.

United Bravo 2020

United Bravo 2020 - Economical Cars in Pakistan - Blurbgeek
United Bravo 2020

United Motors (Pvt) Ltd established 1999 in Pakistan. United motor production includes Bikes (70 CC, 100CC, 125CC), etc. In September 2018 it has planned to enter the car industry and took the plan to launch an 800CC car under the tag of “United Bravo” under the economical budget of the population. It has a joint venture of Chinese Automaker company to produce “United Bravo” with an affordable and economical budget for the population of Pakistan. They said bravo is hatchback car. In starting they had to face a lot of quality issues but with the passage of time, they covered it handsomely and launch the 2020 model of bravo with a lot of new features and new attractive colors.

This is the cheapest car in Pakistan with standard features. Many peoples said this car is the true competitive of Suzuki Mehran. But in my point of view, this car is totally different from Suzuki Mehran because Mehran doesn’t have any standard feature except good fuel economy.

Specifications of United Bravo 2020

SpecsPrince Pearl
Powered Steering Yes
Infotainment System Yes
Anti-Lock Braking System Yes
Powered Windows Yes
Alloy Rims Yes
AC and Heater Yes
LED Lights Yes
Fog Lamps Yes
Keyless Entry Yes
Spear Tire and Sear Fabrics Optional
Air Bags Optional
Rear View Camera Optional
United Bravo 2020 Everything You Need to Know | Blurbgeek

United launches first 4 speed forward and 1-speed reverse MT variant. Soon they are launching AT (AGS) variant under the economical budget of the population of Pakistan.

Bravo gives millage of 21-23 KM/L. Top speed –140 Km/h

The colors that Bravo have:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Silver
  • Royal blue
  • Beige
  • Maroon
  • Red

The new price united bravo 2020 is PKR 985,000(ex-factory) in the local market. The booking price is Rs 200,000 and its delivery time is 20 to 25 days according to the company.

Concluding 3 Best Economical Cars in Pakistan

These were the top 3 most economical cars in Pakistan that have amazing specs and fuel economy. Let us know which one of these cars you like the most and also comment on your views about these cars.