Blood Type Diet – Look at The Best Diet For Your Health


Blood Type Diet is getting popular day by day for two decades. It tells about which food is the best for your health. We found many people who claimed that It worked for them and saved their lives.

But people may ask about the details of blood type diet, and it really works or not?
Let’s have a look.

What does your blood type tell about you?

As there are many blood types present between Human beings. Every type has its significance among others and has some different characteristics, as researches proved to us.

It is said that each blood type has its close relation with the digestion of certain kind of foods. So, many doctors suggest persons to take a special diet with respect to his blood type. By doing this he can live a healthier and better life.

What food should I Eat?


What should A Blood Type Eat?

People with type A blood have low level of stomach acid that’s why unable to digest animal proteins and fats properly. For this type of blood, a vegetarian diet is suggested.

They should eat Vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds. It is suggested that foods must be in fresh state and organic with no added ingredients. And They should avoid eating foods like Dairy, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and processed foods.

A Blood Type Diet

What Should B Blood Type Eat?

According to D’Adamo people having B blood type are considered as Omnivorous, So, their stomach can digest variety of foods easily. It is suggested to eat Vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes, beans, meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs.

But people with this type blood should avoid chicken, lean meat, Nuts, seeds, and processed foods. For these people such foods can cause immune disorders and strokes.

B Blood Type Diet

What Should AB Blood Type Eat?

This type of blood has a mixed inheritance of both A and B. And AB blood type is the rarest among all. These people have a low stomach acid content like Type A, and adaptation to meat like Type B.

They are suggested to eat in small portions with frequently eating habit, it will be better for digestion. Foods like Eggs, Shellfish and vegetables are good for this blood type people.

AB Blood Type

What Should O Blood Type Eat?

So, the people with O blood type are good in digesting animal fats and proteins. They have high stomach acid to help in digestion. They are suggested to take high protein diet like, Meat, fish, poultry, and olive oil, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and eggs. These all will work best for them.

But you should avoid carbohydrates like; Dairy, grains like cereal; pasta, bread, and rice; beans and processed foods, they can be easily stored as fat in your system. So, if you are type O, it is better to be careful with them.

O Blood Type Diet

Here Are Some FAQs?

How to know your blood type at home?

Can you figure out your blood type by yourself? Yes, you can do this easily. For this take 3 glass test tubes. And put 3 different reagents, containing 3 different antibodies: A, B and Rh, in the tubes. Now you need blood a sample, take some a few drops of your blood, if you are doing for yourself.

Now, put a little blood in 3 test tubes and examine for the contents to clump. Clumping is the blood reaction with same antibodies that is has. And you have done it. This is the same way as scientists figure out our blood type.

Where can I know my blood type?

If you are not willing to do find your blood type on your own, just visit a nearby Medical clinic. They will let you know about your blood type in no time.

History of the blood type diet?

A naturopathic physician, Peter D’Adamo in 1996, published a book about it. In the book he described how it can help to improve lives of people dramatically. He said that people could be healthier, have longer lives and can gain or loss weight by just eating according to their blood type.

In the start people didn’t believed in that because they had never heard of something like this. But soon people everywhere started to find their blood type by acting according to the book. In no time the book was a best seller. By reading it people changed their grocery lists. They started to improve their eating habits, exercises and thought about their health.

Blood Type Diet really works or not?

Research on blood types (A B O) has been increases rapidly in past few years. Now, it has strong evidence that blood type has directly relation with human body health. Your blood type can cause higher or lower risk of some diseases.

Example: Heart disease risk is high in other (A B) blood types as compared to O type blood. But O type blood have high risk of stomach ulcers as compared to “A B” type.

Still, scientists are unable to have solid prove of its working. Specific diets that are recommended for A type blood may have better health markers for other blood types too.

After analyzing thousands of studies still, there is not a single well-designed study to prove health effects of blood type diet.

Is Blood Type Diet good for health?

Peter D’Adamo claims that food you consume daily reacts chemically with your blood type. So, if you are following a specific diet according to your blood type, your body will digest food more efficiently.

The results are weight loss, disease prevention and more energy to work whole day. So, Blood Type Diets are good for health.

NOTE: Foods are good for health and for a happy life, But Exercise is also very necessary along with a Healthy Diet. If you want to learn about Exercise, Sports and their Importance, then Click Here.


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