Top 10 Best places to visit in Islamabad


Places to visit in Islamabad

Tourism is one of the healthiest activities to do when anyone is feeling down. Many people in this world due to lack of time and little knowledge about the places where to go for a tour end up sitting at home doing nothing productive. In this post we are focusing only on the places to visit in Islamabad. Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in this world. Tourism is such a healthy activity that purifies souls. It is full of tourism places but due to eastern culture of Pakistan. Most of the families feel uncomfortable in touring across the country. But there are many websites and Instagram pages giving opportunities to all those people who strive for adventure. places to visit in Islamabad

“Traveling, it leaves you speechless then turns you into a story teller.”

Couple sitting on wall edge watching the view of mountains under the blue sky | Blurbgeek

People from all over the world visit Pakistan. There are many ancient remains of civilizations more than 5000 years old and mind blowing scenery, Purist waterfalls, Vast valleys full of breathtaking beauty, geysers, mountains so high no ordinary person can climb to the top. But if your budget is low or you don’t have enough time from your busy life and you want to get an exciting tour in minimum time and expenditure. You don’t have to travel far from home. We will guide you about the best places to visit in Islamabad.

There are many places to visit in Islamabad at day and night. But these top 10 places makeup to all those places by giving you the best experience in shortest period of time.

Top ten places to visit in Islamabad:

  • Pakistan monument Islamabad.
  • Margalla hills and Daman-e-koh Park.
  • Rawal Lake.
  • Saidpur village.
  • Shah Faisal Mosque.
  • Neela sandh.
  • Lok virsa museum.
  • National art gallery Pakistan.
  • Hookah lounges.
  • Art and craft village and itwar bazar.

These are some famous places to travel in Islamabad but not all of them are known some of these places are still unknown by many people even the residents of Islamabad. Some of these are the places to visit near Islamabad like Saidpur village, Neela sandh, Margalla hills and Daman-e-Koh park and some of these are the places like Pakistan monument, Shah Faisal Mosque, Hookah lounges in the capital’s boundaries.

Pakistan monument Islamabad:

Pakistan monument is nestled in Shakaparian forest surrounded by mountains over looking the city. It is dedicated to the those people who invested there future for our present. Pakistan monument symbolizes the unity of Pakistani people. It stands erect as petal closed flower arching its tall granite blocks together toward the sky. It’s like players embrace each other before any game. The four converging petals shows the four provinces of Pakistan. While the short petals sandwiched between shows Pakistan’s territories like Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan. It is one of the best places to visit in Islamabad  at night. It has one of the lightning making it preferable for pictures, video shoot.

Pakistan Monument Architecture is one of the places to visit in Islamabad | by Blurbgeek
This image shows Pakistan Monument Architecture Islamabad | by Blurbgeek

Margalla hills and Daman-e-koh Park Islamabad:

Daman-e-Koh Park  is one of the places to visit in Islamabad Pakistan | Blurbgeek
A Peacock in Daman-e-Koh Park Islamabad Pakistan | by Blurbgeek

The hilly forest covered terrain of margalla range leading up to Himalaya mountains  visible around Islamabad. Margalla hills have trails so you can track there and watch many amazing  miracles of mother nature. There is so much wildlife there but most exotic  are the Rhesus macaque monkey ,Asian Paradise flycatcher and a rare  exotic bird with  a long light grayish tail.

These hills have so much greenery that  ones soul feel peace from the daily busy routine . Daman-e-Koh is a spectacular visiting point  in Margalla hills from where you can get a perfect view of Islamabad and the exotic Faisal mosque in the horizan. If you are looking for a completely calm environment away from noisy city life this the best place to visit in Islamabad. At night when the capital sparkles its like a unending bomb of fireworks makes most of your day in tracking through hilly forest.

Margalla Hills and the Shah Faisal  is one of the places to visit in Islamabad | Blurbgeek
The image represents Margalla Hills and the Shah Faisal Islamabad | Blurbgeek

Rawal lake Islamabad:

Korang river flows down from the Margalla hills into the Rawal lake an artificial reservoir situated in the Malpur village district of Islamabad. This places is surrounded by  plain gardens with picnic spots under the shady sky and peaceful environment where you can spend time with your loved ones .At the lake there are paddle and motor boats providing a fun activity and a new experience to many people in daily basis. You can also visit the food corner there they have such mouthwatering eatables there in reasonable price. Rawal lake provides water to both Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Rawal Lake is one of the places to visit in Islamabad | Blurbgeek
The image show very beautiful evening at the Rawal Lake | Blurbgeek

Saidpur village Islamabad:

If you are looking for a break from the rustic routine from your city’s glitzy malls and rushy bazaars then Saidpur village is a great place to experience authentic village in this era of technology. This is one of the  best places to visit in Islamabad most of the people through all there lives  haven’t  even been to a village .wandering through the square roofed village in the core of Margalla hills you can also visit a Hindu temple and Sikh Gurdawara.

You can freely roam through the gravelly streets watching soulful kids running and greeting and the residents playing sitars ,enjoy the towns simple lifestyle. The village also has high quality restaurants such as Des Pardes, and Dera Pakhtoon they will you some sizzling and mouthwatering plates of Spicy Chicken Masala as you walk through the village.

Saidpur Village and the High Hills are the places to visit in Islamabad | Blurbgeek
Image shows beautiful saidpur Village and the High Hills | Blurbgeek

Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad:

If you are searching for places to visit in Islamabad at night put this place at the top then because its so tremendous and amazing that the one ‘s watching may even fall in love with its beauty. It is recognized as the one of the most iconic structures of Islamabad  in travel photography this desert –tented mosque is stretched above a surface area of 5000 square has four towering spires on each corner , it is so much awesome that from any vantage point across the city you can watch it illuminating. Nearly a quarter million people can worship in the Faisal Mosque.

This giant structure is situated at the foundation of the Margalla hills.It has craved mosaics of finest marble and glass in certain triangular patterns hanging from the tented ceiling ( globe like) in the prayer room which itself can hold up to 10,000 people . There is also a well built primary lecture hall ,a library with a great collection and cafe.

Shah Faisal Mosque  is one of the top places to visit in Islamabad | Blurbgeek
This image is about Shah Faisal Mosque Islamabad | Blurbgeek

Neela sandh Islamabad:

Neela Sandh waterfall is an amazing outing spot, not just this, this is just 38 KM far from Islamabad city which is just around 55 minutes’ drive. Be that as it may, when you reach there, you will acknowledge, you have been feeling the loss of an extremely excellent regular wonder in your routine. Most of the people don’t even know about this place it has such beauty but still it is not that much famous.

Neela Sandh is a delightful waterfall, situated in Mori Syedan, Lehtrar Road, District Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. It has surroundings numerous greeneries, tall trees, extensive mountains which relatively secured with snow constantly. Individuals visit and appreciate here with families. The place is magnificent useful for the general population bore of warmth in summer, as it gives a chance of swimming with cool water.

Neela Sandh  is one of the places to visit in Islamabad | Blurbgeek
The image shows a beautiful lake. A worth seeing place | Blurbgeek

Lok Virsa Museum Islamabad:

Lok Virsa museum means the { the place of people heritage} is another beautiful exhibit illustrating the unique culture of Pakistan  people. It is just five minutes away from Pakistan monument if you are on foot. It is working in collaboration with UNESCO the museum owes its outstanding maintenance and well preserved artifacts to the organization’s donations. These museum displays the pieces of pottery ,art,religious statues,architectural relics  and the musical instrument. You can take a pleasant walk through an outside garden that escorts you to nine galleries of Buddhist and Sufi shrines taking you back in centuries.

Lok Virsa Museum - one of the places to visit in Islamabad | Blurbgeek
The image represents ancient culture of Pakistan | Blurbgeek

National art gallery Islamabad, Pakistan :

National art gallery in Islamabad is the country’s first national art gallery. It is built on a small hillock opposite to the Majlis-e-Shoora (the Parliament of Pakistan) and the Aiwan-e-Sadr. It opened for the public on Sunday, August 26, 2007. National Art Gallery of the Pakistan is a part of the larger organization called Pakistan National Council of the Arts. The gallery is a covered area of 1800 square yards, has 14 galleries with adjacent display areas, lecture halls, workshop and storage facilities, laboratories and a library.

The four-story gallery building has modern facilities, including an auditorium with capacity for 400 people, a theater, stage facilities and an open-air theater. It is one of the best places to visit in Islamabad; it is one of the biggest monuments in Pakistan shows the tourist with a great amount knowledge.

National Art Gallery  is one of the places to travel in Islamabad  Pakistan | Blurbgeek
Showing an old man in National Art Gallery Islamabad Pakistan | by Blurbgeek

Hookah Lounges Islamabad:

Pakistan is county full of diversity some people are more into the eastern culture. Some are more into free soul and western culture but Islamabad serves both type of people. The young generation like to party a lot and smoke hookah’s in Saudi Arab but in Pakistan there is no culture of clubs and pubs until now. At this instance there are many hookah lounges that are certified from the government of Pakistan, that give the searcher a experience of lit life. Islamabad is the best city to visit at night because if you are  party animal there are many hookah lounges that make it happen at a reasonable expenditure.

There are many hookah lounges in saidpur village such as CAFE #991 and in Bahria town phase 7 named as Aura lounge. Where you can enjoy and chill in your free time and all those, who are reading it across the globe if you visit Pakistan and want to party or celebrate any birthday anniversary be free to Aura lounge. These lounges are also available on social media where you can contact and make reservations. Instagram (Aura Lounge)

Art and Craft Village and Itwar Bazar Islamabad:

If you are a tourist and you are into cultural pieces and traditional art and crafts then the best place to visit in Islamabad are, the Art and craft village which is open till late night ,you will find every type of traditional, cultural antique pieces about Pakistan which you can’t find in any local market or mall. The ticket is not more then 5$ but still you can gain much more from it than any thing else that is knowledge about our own culture, from where we begin our journey ,what are the main roots of Pakistan.

You can also buy models of many old culture art craft and use them as decoration at your home. On the other hand Itwar bazaar is a weekly bazaar. It starts early in the morning  on Sunday and is situated all across Islamabad where you can find many everyday utensils at a cheap price rather then the costly ones in malls

Art and Craft Village Islamabad Pakistan
Beautiful arts Places to travel in Islamabad Pakistan | Blurbgeek

Tourism is the healthiest activity  ever, everyone  needs a refresh button ,boost up what ever u want to call it but if a person with busy life and trashy routine want to take rest and get back into his/her life they just need to pack up there bags and wander away in nature and let nature heal them.

If you want to read about some healthy activities that can make you healthy and fresh then click here.


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  2. Islamabad, the gorgeous capital of Pakistan, is known for its exceptional beauty, peaceful ambiance and high quality of life. Due to its scenic views and natural beauty, the city is ranked as the second most beautiful capital in the world.


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