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In the following article we will talk about Most Famous Jewelry and Body Ornaments around the Globe. We will see the oldest forms of Jewelry, its types and some discussion about the History of Jewelry.

In the language of fashion jewelry is defined as a form of personal adornment like we use in our daily life; brooches, rings, neck less, bracelets, earrings, nose-pin etc for making our appearance attractive and charming. It is made to adorn nearly every part of our body. The person who made or deal with such adornment is named as ” jewel”.

We will discuss in Jewelry and Body Ornaments:

  • What does Jewelry actually means?
  • Oldest forms of Jewelry
  • Types of Jewelry
  • The History Behind Jewelry Origins
  • Why Jewelry is Adored?
  • Brands Ruling the Jewel Industry
  • Modern Trends In Jewelry
  • Author’s Insights

What does Jewelry actually means?

The word jewelry is Derived From the word ” jewel” and the word jewel is anglicized from the old French  ” jouel”.and if we look in more depth it is from Latin word “jocale” meaning plaything. In British language the spelling is written as “jewellery or jewelry”

Typical they are made of pearls and precious metal but now jewelry is made of different materials including gemstones, precious metal like (gold silver platinum) beads, shells etc

Oldest forms of Jewelry | Ancient Jewelry

Man had been producing and wearing it for a long time.but it was thought that oldest personal adornment  was found in the site of “Enkapune Ya Muto” in  modern Era Named as Twilight cave, in Kenya.

It is estimated that it was 40000 years old and it was beads made from drilled ostrich egg shells tied on a string around the neck ( a kind of oldest neck-less). The other researches revealed that over 1 million years old beads made From “Nassarius” shell thought to be oldest jewelry.

But one can say that depending on the culture traditions and time it is appreciated as a symbol of status, for its material properties, pattern in which they are made or symbols printed upon them.

Types of Jewelry

We are listing most commonly used Jewelry and Body Ornaments for you to learn better,

Hair and Head ornaments Includes:

A symbolism of monarchy, once these ornaments were made for the special persons who were meant to rule the kingdoms and decide the fate of nations.

It further includes,

  • Coronet
  • Corolla
  • Diadem or circlet
  • Kokoshnik
  • Makuta
  • Tiara.

Ears are beautiful because it alarms us about our surroundings and the melody of nature. It may seem fair to decorate this beautiful part of body with jewels and gemstones.

Some further types are,

Neck jewelry

It consists of following things,

  • Bolo tie
  • Carcanet
  • Choker
  • Torc
  • Pendant

Arms jewelry

It contains following ornaments,

  • Armlet
  • Bangles
  • Bracelet
  • Cuff links

Hands jewelry

It is the most commonly used and liked type of jewelry that contain following items,

A symbol of promise that is sacred marker that marks the authenticity of some relation or word.

  • Championship ring
  • Class ring
  • Engagement ring
  • Pre-engagement ring
  • Wedding ring
  • Promise ring
  • Nawarat ring

Slave bracelet:
The slave bracelet or hand chain consists of a bracelet that attaches to a ring via a chain, bejeweled links, or other ornate hand connector along the back of the hand.

Slave Bracelet
Slave Bracelet – Jewelry | Blurbgeek

Body jewelry

It is not commonly used type of jewelry but still it having importance in fashion industry.

  • Belly chain
  • Body piercing jewelry
  • Breast plate
  • Brooch
  • Chatelaine

Feet jewelry

It includes,

  • Anklet ( ankle bracelet)
  • Toe ring

Another type of jewelry that is used on some special occasions is named as ” special function jewelry” it is not widely used form of jewelry it include following ornaments

  • Amulet
  • Celibacy vow ring
  • Medical art jewelry
  • Membership pins
  • Military dog tags
  • Pledge pins
  • Thumb ring
  • Signet ring

The History Behind Jewelry Origins

Jewelry is in use of Homo sapiens for a long time it is the creative expression of our artist. Human more precisely ladies have special attraction for jewelry in every Era. This liking leads to addition of jewelry in fashion industry.

As far as the history of jewelry concerned in ancient Egypt jewelry was first made around 3000 to 5000 years back . The Egyptian adored the shine rarity and work-ability of gold. But in Egypt jewelry soon became a symbol of power and status. The affluent class wore it not only lifetime but also after the death. In Mesopotamia, jewelry was made  from metal inlaid with bright colored stones like agate, lapis, and jasper. Their favorite shapes were leaves, spiral,cones.

In Greece most of the jewelry was made of gold, silver, bronze and clay. But later on after the influence of Roman culture indigenous designs were introduced. The most common ornament of ancient Romans was brooch. The Italians later created clasps, necklace and earrings from crude gold. They also create large pendent to  store perfumes.

In history India has the largest continuous  tradition of jewelry making around 1500 BC people of Indus valley  made earrings or bracelets of gold and beads. Womenfolk wore clay and shell bracelets and gradually clay replaced by glass and other metals.

Why Jewelry is Adored?

Jewelry and Body Ornamentst had various functions to serve but the primary purpose of jewelry nowadays to adorn different parts of body or make attractive our appearance but in ancient times the main purpose of jewelry was to “ward off evil”.

People have paid dowries with jewelry. It was also be created as currency for trading things, that thing evident from the use of slave beads. It also used as a borderline between ruler and the ruled. The fact is jewelry still used as a symbol of pride, wealth and prosperity

Brands Ruling the Jewel Industry

Despite the sky- high prices, the demand of high- end designer men and women Jewelry and Body Ornaments brands only continues to grow. We would like to mention some international brands of jewelry, if you wish to buy the most magnificent and marvelous jewels and Gemstones.

Most Popular Jewelry Brands are:

Modern Trends In Jewel Industry

A necklace that  wrap around your neck, a bracelet that cuffs your wrist and a ring that slips down on your finger, jewelry is mostly designed in around. Responsible fashion suggest a trend in jewelry. In these days, peoples tend to use jewelry of natural material like shells, stones, raffia and wood but we would literally say that trends in jewelry are not as radical as those in accessories, and the emotion evoked by a finely wrought ring. In jewelry trends sparkly objects tends to have magnetic pull.

Author’s Insights

Makiu jewelry is an art, art of molding the raw material in creative expression is really need to be appreciated.

Women have a tendency to adorn with Jewelry and Body Ornaments. With the passage of time it became the inseparable part of fashion industry. As it is mentioned above that In different eras it is used as symbol of dignity, prosperity and power but I would like to add something more that it shares belief, values, culture and traditions between generations as the Christian Cross or the ” Jewish star” is the indicative of religious faith that one follow. In their traditions married couples sport wedding rings.Jewelry not only is a personal ornament but also a way to spread or share our cultural values.

My favorite thing in wardrobe is my jewelry

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